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Автомобильный монитор Clarion VM700B

Clarion VM700B
— производитель: Clarion (Кларион)
— модель: VM700B
— автомобильный монитор
— установка в подголовник
— экран 7", формат 16:9
— артикул РС0-27161

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К нам на обзор попал автомобильный монитор Clarion VM700B от популярного производителя Кларион. Сразу к характеристикам, данная модель оснащена неплохим 7" экраном, формат изображения 16:9. Итак...

I go over all that's new to see in this 2014 Clarion Receiver.
Buy yours here:
Clarion's new VX404 boasts many market and technology firsts with features and capabilities that are designed to provide the ultimate user experience by delivering top performance, entertainment, safety and ergonomics.
· 6.2-Inch Digital Touch Panel High Resolution WVGA Monitor with Flick Operation
•AM/FM Tuner

•Fits double din (4" tall) dash opennings

•728 Variable-color Illumination: You're free to select the exact color you want, to match your car' s instrument panel or match your mood today.

· Built-In DVD Player
· MP3/WMA playback via DVD/CD and MicroSD
· Pandora Station Link with USB using Pandora App
· SiriusXM ready (SiriusXM-Connect Vehicle Tuner required)
· Built-In Parrot Bluetooth Interface (HFP, HSP, OPP, A2DP, AVRCP, PBAP)
· Built-In Microphone
· Audio/Video Inputs (Front 3.5mm, Rear RCA)
· Rear USB input
· Compatible with iPod
· iPod Audio/Video Control with Optional CCA750 iPod Interface Cable
•HDMI compatibility for select Android devices when parked — requires optional CCA770 or CCA771 adapter

•Plays lossless FLAC audio files from your flash drive

•Dual-zone A/V output

· Rear Vision Camera Composite Video Input
· Multi Language Display Capability (English, Spanish, French)
· 50 Watts x 4 Built-In Amplifier
· 6-Channel preamp outputs (front, rear, subwoofer)
· Built-In High and Low Pass Filters
· OEM Steering Wheel Remote Control Ready
· Wireless Remote ControlClarion XC1410 car amplifier:
Pump up your system to a robust 50 watts RMS per channel with the pint-sized Clarion XC1410 amplifier. Its compact size makes it easier to find a home in your vehicle, even fitting behind the dash in some. And it's coated for protection against the elements, making it a good choice for Jeeps and boats.
Free shipping and lifetime tech support at Crutchfield:
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Twitter: Smart Access
Smartphone Connect
Smatphone App
Flick Operation
Multi-touch Operation
Bluetooth® Built-In
Built-in Navigation

6.2-inch Digital Touch Panel WVGA Monitor
Variable Color Key Illumination (728 colors)
MP3/WMA playback via DVD/CD and microSD
Built-in Bluetooth Interface (HFP, HSP, OPP, A2DP, AVRCP, PBAP)
Built-in Microphone and External Microphone Ready with Optional RCB199
Audio/Video Inputs (Front 3.5mm, Rear RCA)
Rear USB Port
Compatible with iPod®
iPod Audio/Video Control with Optional CCA750 iPod Interface Cable
Pandora® Station Link with USB using Pandora® App
Rear Vision Camera Composite Video Input
Multi Language Display Capability (English, Spanish, French)
SiriusXM-Ready™ (SiriusXM-Connect™ Vehicle Tuner)
50 Watts ? 4 Built-in Amplifier
6-Channel / 4 Volt RCA Output
Intelligent Tune Sound Technology (Vocal Image Control / Volume Smoother / Sound Restorer / Virtual Bass / Graphic EQ)
Subwoofer Volume Control
Built-in High and Low Pass Filters
OEM Steering Wheel Remote Control Ready
Wireless Remote Control Ready

iHeartRadio® lets you listen to more than 1,500 Live Stations from coast-to-coast or create your own artist- or track-based Custom Stations. Use popular features like iHeartRadio's Discovery Tuner and "Thumbs Up" and "Thumbs Down" functionality to fine-tune your Custom Station playlists.

Waze® Traffic
Waze is a fun, community-based traffic & navigation app, 30 million strong. Join forces with other drivers nearby to outsmart traffic, save time & gas money, and improve everyone's daily commute. With community-generated real-time traffic, you'll always get the best route to your destination.

TuneIn® Internet Radio
TuneIn® Radio
Browse and listen to radio -- live, local and global. With the TuneIn Internet Radio app installed on your iPhone, you'll have access to a vast array of radio programs, from news and talk to world music and rock.

Navigation (MotionX®-GPS Drive)
Traffic, directions and navigation options at your fingertips. MotionX-GPS Drive allows you to receive turn-by-turn directions using custom voice instructions. The App is easy to navigate and saves your favorite locations for easy access.

Real-Time Traffic Infomation
Real-Time Traffic Infomation (INRIX® Traffic)
INRIX Traffic helps you avoid traffic jams and reach your destination faster. Offers real-time alerts, traffic forecasting and information about accidents, police, etc. along with your route.

Receive real-time feedback on vehicle performance including fuel economy, horsepower and torque, g-force measurements, and even can be used as a scan tool to read and clear OBD-II* trouble codes that trigger the "check engine" light.
*(OBD-II hardware available sold separately for $189.90)
*Some apps may require purchase.

Original Apps — Intelligently Adapts Key iPhone Apps for In-Vehicle Use
FB4car &Tweet4car - Exclusive In-Vehicle Facebook® & Twitter Applications
FB4car &Tweet4car - Exclusive In-Vehicle Facebook® & Twitter Applications
Easily and safely bring social networking into your car.When the iPhone is connected to NX603 in the vehicle, you can update your status, check-in and reply to Tweets on the go via voice with Nuance's Vlingo© support . Text-to-speech allows you to hear friends' posts and to interface with the social media sites easily via the 6.2-inch display all while keeping your hands on the wheel.

DriveSuite4car - Exclusive Utility Application
DriveSuite4car - Exclusive Utility Application
Clarion's in-vehicle smartphone controller integrates DriveSuite4car, a utility application which allows you to access helpful information in a vehicle.DriveSuite4car enables the user to have more within their reach including VL(Voice Launcher), News, Weather, Calendar and Contacts. These apps offer more ways to make the most efficient use of your time while on the go.

News Application
Keep up to date while cruising down the road. You can listen to news feeds from the news app on your iPhone. You can listen to the headlines only or to the full articles and you can personalize which news feeds to want to receive.

Weather Application
Keep up with the weather as you go. Access the weathernews app on your iPhone to check out local and regional weather conditions, satellite maps, weather forecasts and warnings, right at your dash.

Calendar Application
Calendar is an app that allows easy checking of your schedule while in your car by connecting to Clarion in-vehicle equipment. With Calendar, you can sync with Google Calendar for a full understanding of your schedule.Потолочный монитор Clarion VT1510B можно купить на 130.com.ua:
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Car Video
Clarion VT1510B
The Clarion VT1510B with built-in DVD brings the comfort of a home theater to your vehicle. The VT1510B is a 15.4-inch wide LCD monitor system with DVD, USB and SD/MMC slots to support playback of MPEG and MP3/WMA files. Get a wide variety of media support, two sets of AV inputs and one output, two pairs of wireless headphones, and more, for a complete mobile multimedia experience. Bring the comfort of a home theater to your vehicle. Click to enlarge. Support for a wide variety of disc and file formats. Two pairs of wireless headphones included. Home Theater Enjoyment for Your In-Car Audience Clarion's overhead monitors bring the comforts of a home system into the vehicle, up where all your back seat passengers can see. DVDs and video files play directly in the overhead unit, freeing up the in-dash system for other tasks. 15.4-Inch WXGA Color TFT-LCD Monitor The large 15.4-inch dimensions and high resolution WXGA image provide a quality viewing experience. So whether it's a DVD or one of the many other available sources, your passengers can count on first class "in flight" entertainment to fill the miles with smiles. 3.5mm AUX Input Connection A composite audiovisual connector on the front of the unit allows quick and easy connection of an external source for viewing on the overhead monitor. This is a great way to temporarily hook-up a portable game or other product to keep your passengers entertained along the way. Adjustable Picture Settings Just as you would expect of any full-fledged LCD monitor, the Color/ Contrast/ Brightness/ Tint settings on Clarion's overhead monitors are adjustable to match the viewing environment of your vehicle or your personal taste. Ample AV Connectivity Equipped with two sets of AV inputs and one set of AV outputs on the unit, you can set up a system with multiple connected video sources, as well as expandability to allow connection of additional monitors. Direct Playback of Various Media All of Clarion's overhead monitor models offer direct slot-in playback of DVD discs so your passengers can enjoy content independent of the head unit. There is also a USB terminal to allow playback of video content from connected USB devices. The VT1510B goes a step further with an SD/MMC slot to play videos stored on SD card and MultiMediaCard. Multi-Media Compatibility The DVD drive equipped on Clarion's overhead monitors is able to read store bought DVD movies as well as home-burned DVD+R/DVD+RW/DVD-R/DVD-RW/CD-DA/CD-R/CD-RW discs. Supported data types include MPEG-1/2/4 to cover a wide range of home recordings, as well as MP3/WMA music files, and VCD/SVCD type Video CDs. Wireless Headphones Included The VT1510B includes two pairs of wireless headphones for pairing with the built-in IR transmitter. Enjoy your media without any pesky cables. What's in the Box Clarion VT1510B, Wireless Headphones (Two Pairs), Installation Hardware, User's Manual
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  • Установки телевизора в автомобиль. Отсутствует подробная инструкция по настройке, ищу мастера
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  • Какое разрешение 7" экрана?
  • Как запитать эту модель? Есть в наличии адаптер питания на 220В от другого телевизора, подходит ли он для моего? Можно ли взять питание с прикуривателя?
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