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Автомобильный телевизор Clarion VMA5096

Clarion VMA5096
— производитель: Clarion (Кларион)
— модель: VMA5096
— автомобильный телевизор
— установка в подголовник
— экран 5", формат 16:9
— пульт ДУ
— артикул РС0-27318

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К нам на обзор попал автомобильный телевизор Clarion VMA5096 от популярного производителя Кларион. Сразу к характеристикам, данная модель оснащена неплохим 5" экраном, формат изображения 16:9. Итак...

HOW TO WATCH MOBILE ATSC TV IN MOTION.Adam Rayner first unpacks the heavily connectable Clarion NX502E and then in one take, goes through the nav system a bit, shows the SD card reader working, changes the wallpaper, uses the front Aux to play a Sony MP3 player, plays a CD and a DVD, which is then routed to a rear screen, which runs throughout as second zone. Also played with iPod audio and iPod video via a special extra wire into the USB cord-socket appended to the rear and runs through some hysterically varied digital radio stations, you would NEVER find on FM. You can hear the distracted nerves and while I DO happily pair up my BlackBerry to the system as it has done it before, I failed to play a Bluetooth tune from streaming, as I did in testing, which does sound fabulous.
Made in support of the full reveiw of the unit on Talk Audio here: Clarion's NZ501E (and 2-DIN sister model NX501E) offers a fully integrated navigation and entertainment system to rival and even surpass the very best factory integrated systems. Large touch-screen (with flick operation), DVD, CD, Sat Nav, hands-free phone and audio streaming via Bluetooth (Parrot Bluetooth module built in), iPod/iPhone compatibility, the option to add a parking camera and digital TV tuner... it really has it all.

Standard features include 4x50W built-in amp, digital EQ, digital xovers, 4 channel line-out and twin SUB outs, video in/out, Dolby Digital, steering wheel control interface, dual front/rear zones (watch something in the back, listen to music at the front) and full-function infra-red remote control.

Supplied 2D/3D mapping on the 8Gb MicroSD card covers Western Europe and a large part of Eastern Europe and down to Turkey. Hands-free phone operation is excellent.
Please note this is a review of the European model - supplied mapping will obviously differ for other regions.

I plan to follow this up with a video on the audio features built-in for those looking to make this the centre of a stonking good sound system.Clarion inaugurates the Clarion Builds program with the ground-up restoration of an iconic BMW 2002 - a cult classic that not only proved itself on the track, but established the entire compact sports sedan segment. Be sure to follow the full build of Clarion’s 1974 BMW 2002 at www.clarionbuilds.com.
- BMW 2002 is a 1974 model year manufactured for the US market
- Originally painted BMW's signature Fjord blue
- Clarion's 2002 is a standard trim model featuring a carburetored 4 cylinder engine and blue cloth/vinyl interior
- The odometer reads 6500 miles - but, since it can only show 5 digits, we're guessing it has eclipsed 100K miles once or twice
- Left the factory in Germany, back in November 1973, headed to its first owner in California.Visit - to read more detailed reviews, hands on and overview of smartphones, tablets, tech and gadgets
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