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Автомобильный монитор Power-Acoustik PT-570HS

Power-Acoustik PT-570HS
— производитель: Power-Acoustik (Пауер Акустик)
— модель: PT-570HS
— автомобильный монитор
— установка в подголовник
— экран 5.6", формат 4:3
— пульт ДУ
— артикул РС0-94514

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Характеристики и обзор Power-Acoustik PT-570HS

К нам на обзор попал автомобильный монитор Power-Acoustik PT-570HS от популярного производителя Пауер Акустик. Сразу к характеристикам, данная модель оснащена неплохим 5.6" экраном, формат изображения 4:3. Итак...

just some free airing my power acoustiks found these on cl for cheap got them for 100 bucks
only pushing 240 rms free air i havent really put them to the test yet just messing around with them there not the best but better then the visoniks not by much but enough to notice the last ones metered out @ 143 db i havent metered these yet but i think there around 145 db there good enough to break the port on the box you can see this video on my page sorry for the shity cam its a web camMy 2 infinity 12s with 900 rms at 2 ohms powered by a power acoustik bamf 2000.1d and a jensen 340 watt 2 ch amp on the mids an highs with the pioneer head unit around 450 rms on mids an highs and the box is 6-6.5 cubes tuned to 34 hz . let me know what yall thinkRecognize this guy? He was featured in my "NESPL Car Audio Competition" But honestly, after all the Upgraded he's done, you'll be hard pressed recognizing him now.....

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"Dark Caster" - By Cultivata Beats
Beat Made On FL Studio 8

This bass was awesome, by far the greatest sounding system I've heard in a long time - It was so resonant on the low notes & tones were burping were so deep - No lie - The deepest I've ever heard - & on top of that we were hitting 150 + on a HAIRTRICK! ! I'm tellin' yah these aeroports are the best! Thanks Bill !

Kenwood KDC-x991 Head Unit / Single Din Deck
(2) Soundstream DTR1.3400 Class D Monoblock Amps
(2) Soundstream XXX 15" subs / 15 Inch Subwoofers
(3) 6" Areoports @ 300 + Sq.In of Port Area
(1) Soundstream SCELL 1000 amp Capcell / BatCap
(1) DieHard Platinum P-1 Group 31 Deep Cycle Battery
Big Three / 3 - In 0 Gauge Power Wire
SS XBP-10 / XBP 10 Bass processor
RE - FatMat Sound Deadener -
Running @ .25 Ohm :D

MY 1st Ever "SPL" Car Audio Bass Installation

(1) Alpine MRP 500 - Class D Monoblock Amplifier
(1) Alpine MRP 1000 - Class D Monoblock Amplifier
(3) 12 inch Orion HP Subs - 500 Watts @ 2 ohms
(2) Orion Cobalt 5.25's - Dash Highs & Tweeters
(2) Polk DB 6x9's - Mid Range Components
(2) Power Acoustik PCX 5 Farad Capacitors
(1) 10 " MTX Blue Thunder Sub Woofer Console
* MCR 200 Amp H/O Alt *

My Loudest Stereo System To Date / Competition

Pioneer DEH-P6000ub - Best Head Unit
Clarion Eqs746 Graphic Equalizer - Easy Tuning EQ
(1) Diablo Audio Technologies Hellfire 2500.1 / DAT
** 3000 Watt RMS Mono Amp @ 1 ohm **
(1) AA / Ascendant Mayhem 18" Subwoofer * HUGE
(1) Single Slot Ported Box Tuned To 32 hz / 6 cubes
(2) Orion Cobalt 5.25's - Dash Highs & Tweeters
(2) Polk DB 5x7's - Loud Door Mids
(2) Polk DB 6x9's - Back Hatch Mids
(1) MCR High Output Alternator / 200 Amps
(2) C&D Liberty 1000 Deep Cycle AGM Batteries w/ Dual Aluminum Bus Bars - 100 Amp Hour Each
(STB) Optima Red Top Starter Battery & Bar Mounts
Big Three in 0 Gauge Stinger Cable / Tsunami Wire

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Complete Big 3 Upgrade How To

I'm thinkin' about testing a DTR 3400 .....Gatta love the SS engineering

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Expert: Kip Bradford
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  • Чем комплектуется Power-Acoustik PT-570HS? Что еще в коробке?
  • Где скачать драйвера и софт для Пауер Акустик PT-570HS?
  • Установки телевизора в автомобиль. Отсутствует подробная инструкция по настройке, ищу мастера
  • Отзывы покупателей о Power-Acoustik PT-570HS: плюсы и минусы данной модели?
  • Как закрепить автомобильный монитор? Как подобрать крепление или кронштейн?
  • Какое разрешение 5.6" экрана?
  • Как запитать эту модель? Есть в наличии адаптер питания на 220В от другого телевизора, подходит ли он для моего? Можно ли взять питание с прикуривателя?
  • Подскажите адекватное СТО (мастера), чтобы аккуратно установили Power-Acoustik PT-570HS в мой автомобиль.
  • Куплю бу автомобильный монитор Power-Acoustik, желательно на гарантии и за вменяемую цену.

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