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Автомобильный телевизор Super SP-880

Super SP-880
— производитель: Super (Супер)
— модель: SP-880
— автомобильный телевизор
— экран 8", формат 4:3
— подключение к прикуривателю
— адаптер питания на 220 В
— артикул РС0-116023

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Характеристики и обзор Super SP-880

К нам на обзор попал автомобильный телевизор Super SP-880 от популярного производителя Супер. Сразу к характеристикам, данная модель оснащена неплохим 8" экраном, формат изображения 4:3. Итак...

I will admit that I had to change my review of this home theatre system. At first, I struggled mightily to connect have the audio from Tivo Premier to flow through the Panasonic BTT195. Finally, I realized that I could use the Smart-Select feature on LG TV to auto-select the audio. Sounds easy enough, but it caused me a few hours of frustration.
Now on to the review-
Blu-Ray Player - I have been impressed with the functionality of the Panasonic 3D Blu-Ray player. This is the second one that I have owned, and I have found the functionality and capability to be excellent. The load times are not exceptional, but all of the features of the Blu Ray are very solid.
Home Theatre Capability - The sound of the system is acceptable, as long as you are not expecting to blow down any doors. The main unit is only about 1 1/2 thick, so it does not offer an assortment of large capacitors that can store energy for massive bass. The speakers have integrated and color coordinated plugs, so set-up can be accomplished by anyone (although getting correctly synced with a DVR is a bit of a different story). The power ratings on the unit look impressive, but keep in mind that it rating everything at 3Ohms.
Speakers - In truth, the speakers are not very impressive. All of the speakers combined weigh less than a decent subwoofer. I will say that they do match well together, and as a set they sound much better than they do individually.
Other things
- The speaker wires have integrated plugs - which means using other speakers can be a pain. This is especially true of the subwoofer since the speaker wire goes directly into the speaker box and does not connect through a terminal (My solution, when I used my own Velodyne subwoofer I simply cut the speaker wire about 3" before it entered into the Panasonic amp).
- Does offer iPod inputs and has the ability to read SD memory cards
- Comes with a plethora of well designed apps (it is amazing how many companies create a poor YouTube app!). Included are Amazon, Hulu Plus, MLB.TV, and Netflix
Final Verdict - The Panasonic BTT195 is a nice Blu Ray player that offers a decent home theatre system. While it may not offer the boom of more expensive systems, it is also a fraction of the cost. My opinion, if you are looking for earth shattering audio....keep on looking, but if you are looking a easy to use home theatre system at a reasonable cost this is certainly worthy of you consideration.
4 Stars
- Please note - I received a unit for reviewing purpose
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